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Client Introduce

FORWARD Materials 是一間很強調環保與可持續性的創新材料公司,此網站主要推廣他們的材料品牌 NEUWOOD.
客戶希望在網站上呈現,充滿熱情並致力於減少對樹木作為住宅和商業行業材料來源的依賴。並希望重點著重在仿生學與循環經濟的議題上,以及在回收系統上可實現 100% 可回收、可再生和多次重複使用。 Forward Materials 是天然木材的有價值且真正的替代品。也因此網站使用了沈穩的深綠來貫穿整體視覺。

FORWARD Materials is an innovative material company that emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability. This website mainly promotes their material brand NEUWOOD.
The client wanted to presented on the site, passionate and committed to reducing reliance on trees as a source of material for the residential and commercial industries. And hope to focus on the topic of biomimicry and circular economy, and the recycling system that can be 100% recyclable, renewable and reused many times. Forward Materials are a valuable and real alternative to natural wood. Therefore, the website uses a calm dark green throughout the overall vision.

Design Concept


The customers want to show their website before the exhibition in the United States, the purpose is to attract new customers to know their environmental protection materials, so we propose to use storytelling experience through the website, especially on the circular economy page that customers want to emphasize to, and use Horizontal browsing is divided into two areas: circular economy and linear economy.

Illustration Biomimicry


Continue the style of linear illustration to all pages of the website.



On the application page, the customer provides the object they want to design, and we present the illustration in a side view. After clicking on the object, you can see the actual material furniture, giving the viewer space to imagine.


  • Client 客戶FORWARD
  • Project Manager 專案經理Ingia Wu
  • Designer 設計師邱彥慎 Eason Chiu
  • Creativity 創意發想ES Team
  • Assistant 設計助理蘇亭瑀 Su
  • Illustration 插畫設計蘇亭瑀 Su
  • 程式開發邱彥慎 Eason Chiu
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