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  • 品牌識別設計
  • 品牌延伸應用
  • 網站設計
  • 攝影規劃

Client Introduce


The dentisit, Dr. Yang, named the clinic's Jingxiang, hoping that the patients who came to the clinic could let go of their fear of dental visits and easily complete the dental procedures in a stress-free environment.
The core of the brand revolves around the keywords of "trust, one-day dentures, and aesthetics". Starting from the identification of the brand, we will focus on "humanity comfort" and combine this concept with precision technology.


Branding Design concept


The dentisit, Dr. Yang, likes the design of Japanese-style badges, and also likes the spirit of Japanese-style service. In the process of designing, we tried many combinations of comfort, tooth curvature, and big trees. During the research process, we found that the human dentition is a number that circulates symmetrically up and down left and right, regularly arranged 2,1,2,3. This graphic idea is based on this concept as the premise, and a circular pattern is regularly arranged, which is very exhausted. Like a tooth, the tooth is covered with a trees, adding a little natural simplicity, and combining the concept of tooth root, which means the stable growth of healthy teeth.
And extend this design to all the extension items of the clinic.

Photography 攝影規劃


We looked for a lot of photography references and found that the current image of dental clinics in Taiwan is rigid and standard. We hope that website photography can incorporate the elements of our brand core at the time. Because the clinic environment is beautiful, the doctor’s image is based on the clinic environment. The background is dominated by natural and soft light sources, and there is a clear depth of field, presenting a clean and intimate feeling.
It also includes planning such as the diagnosis and treatment process, equipment, viewing X-rays, and environmental photos.

Website Design concept

整體網站延續靜巷品牌視覺為主,在一進網站的主視覺圖型做微動態效果,並將 logo 固定在左側,以直式呈現,結合日式數位感。

The website continues to focus on the brand vision of Jingxiang. The main visual of the website is used for micro-dynamic effects, and the logo is fixed on the left side, which is presented in a straight format, combined with a Japanese digital sense.
Because Dr. Yang hopes to display more case photos, we thought of using the same method to take pictures of patients’ teeth, and using pull strips to switch the difference between before and after diagnosis and treatment, so that the website is more beautiful and clean.


  • Client 客戶Alley Dental 靜巷美學牙醫
  • Project Manager 專案經理Ingia Wu
  • Design Director 設計總監Eason Chiu
  • Creative 創意發想ES Team
  • Designer 設計師Eason Chiu / Su 蘇亭瑀
  • 程式開發Eason Chiu
  • Photography 攝影Andy Wu / 3J Studio
  • Printer 印刷Vivien 林宛渝
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