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Client Introduce

日商優必達是一間總部設立在東京的雲遊戲產業,網站設計最主要目的是希望透過翻新能讓 TA 更了解雲遊戲產業的技術內容,以及讓形象有創新、年輕、活力的元素。
網站使用 isometric的插畫方式詮釋,以及我們討論出來的3D胖胖雲做為主要角色,除了創新外更多了親民有趣的氛圍。

Ubitus is a cloud gaming industry headquartered in Tokyo. The main purpose of the website is to allow their TA to better understand the technical content of the cloud gaming industry, and make the image more innovative, youthful, and dynamic.
Therefore, we designed a penetrating spindle method on the important solution page, and the story-telling method allows users to quickly understand what is the cloud game industry.
The website uses isometric illustrations, and the 3D cloud we discussed as the main character, in addition to innovation, it has a more friendly and interesting atmosphere.



In the visual design of the website, we use the concept of "cloud, universe, technology" to visualize cloud services. The floating islands on the homepage can guide users to different service introduction pages, and use 3D clouds to match Isometric. Make the picture more vivid.
We use the color with a strong halo to make the website of science and technology.
At the same time, it uses different visual images, such as racing flags, rockets, conveyor belts, etc., emphasizing the speed and convenience of cloud services.


  • Client 客戶Ubitus 優必達
  • Project Manager 專案經理Ingia Wu
  • Designer 設計師邱彥慎 Eason Chiu
  • Creativity 創意發想ES Team
  • Assistant 設計助理蘇亭瑀 Su
  • 程式開發邱彥慎 Eason Chiu
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