Taiwan Culture Association 100th Webdesign Taiwan Culture Association 100th Webdesign

  • 網站設計

Client Introduce


The project of the Taiwan Cultural Association, the client wanted to present the experience of returning to the scene of a century history on the website. Therefore, in the process of creative thinking, we thought of using the time of entering the scene to rewind the seconds, the spiral ladder, and the time. The New Culture Movement's commonly used trumpet, the newspaper layout continue throughout the site.

Design concept


The main visual, we use the images of the Taiwan Daily newspaper and trumpet are the main bodies, and images such as slogans related to the Cultural Association, literary publications, theaters and other images, creating the influence of various cultures blooming. We use the newspapers as the visual layout of the website, using lines to divide blocks and straight text, following the gradient method of the main visual throughout the entire site.
The homepage is loudly clicked to sign the poem, make a special effect to enlarge the signed poem to increase the sense of interest.


  • Client 客戶臺灣新文化運動紀念館
  • Key Visual Design 主視覺設計文化銀行 Bank Of Culture
  • Project Manager 專案經理Ingia Wu
  • Design Director 設計總監 / 程式開發Eason Chiu
  • UI Designer 設計師蘇亭瑀 Su
  • Creativity 創意發想蘇亭瑀 Su / Ingia Wu / 林宛渝 Vivian Lin
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