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Client Introduce 專案背景


The company is a manufacturer of solar panels, the main purpose is to optimize the backstage interface, and make the UI beautiful and practical.
After looking at the backstage interface, we found that there were many unnecessary steps. After discussing with the owner, we deleted many complicated functions and changed it to a more intuitive operating experience.
In the discussion process, it is necessary to understand each user's habits and points very clearly, and to complete the project after repeated discussions.

Design concept 設計概念

一開始客戶有要求在展示頁面上顯示目前太陽能使用的數據,我們那時想到使用3D台灣來呈現,在展示給客戶看時可以看到乾淨的介面與 3D 立體的台灣地圖。
客戶的品牌標誌與標準字大量使用斜角,用較銳利的收邊,但延伸到網站 UI 時,我們偏向使用圓潤的視覺手法代替,使用者在瀏覽感受上更有溫度與容易親近。

At the beginning, the customer requested to display the current solar usage data on the display page. At that time, we decided to using 3D Taiwan to present it.
On the display page, we could see a clean interface and a 3D three-dimensional map of Taiwan.
Customers’ branding use a large number of bevels and sharper edges. However, when extending to the website UI, we prefer to use a rounded visual technique instead, which makes the user feel more easy to approach in terms of browsing.


  • Client全勤太陽能
  • Project ManagerIngia Wu
  • Design Director邱彥慎 Eason Chiu
  • Designer邱彥慎 Eason Chiu、蘇亭瑀 Su
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